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Salted Wheatbelt Trout

The wheatbelt is a huge area East of Perth in Western Australia. In winter its full or barley, wheat, canola and lupins. In spring its full flowers especially with many patches of bright yellow canola fields. In summer its quite…

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How we do our hand crafted artisan salt

For me salt is magical and its even more magical when its created in clay salt pans 200 km inland east of Perth in Western Australia. Our hand crafted artisan salt is full of minerals, actually over 25 trace elements.…

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Pitfalls for hand crafted soap

Nobody can rightly argue that hand crafted soap is the best soap ever. Many will advice on the different ingredient proportions to achieve the best soap but at the end we create lots of amazing variety of soaps that the…

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Mizzi’s Red Ochre Kaolin Clay

I have to admit that out of all the clays on our land my most favourite is the Red Ochre Kaolin Clay. Not sure why, but it seems this clay is full of life maybe due its red colour resembling…

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Kellerberrin Sauce Salt

Kellerberrin Sauce Infused Salt

A while ago I was staying at the Kellerberrin Caravan Park which in my opinion is one of the best caravan parks in Australia and there I met this old man Frank in his early eighties. I told him that…

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Microplastics In Sea Salt

One of the main reasons we started harvesting salt from an ancient paleo river is because we wanted to offer our customers a very clean pure salt with no microplastics or other micro sewage particles that are now available in…

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Salt Magic

Many Pagans and Wiccans around the world use salt for their rituals and magic. Even us at Mizzi's we believe that salt is a very powerful ingredient for magic and rituals. But there is a catch! The salt cannot be…

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Marinating your meat with our salt

Did you know that if you have really tough meat you can convert it into a top notch meat by using our salt? The reason for it is because our salt has some natural acids in it that will help…

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